Take the time to brush!

Two minutes…it might seem like a short time, but have you ever monitored the time you actually spend brushing? Did you know? The average person vigorously scrubs their teeth for 60 to 90 seconds – not nearly long enough.  Brushing your teeth properly is the best thing you can do for your overall health. To start, set aside a full two minutes. That’s right! During that time, angle your toothbrush toward the gums and gently brush in a circular motion. Be sure to brush the insides surfaces of your teeth, the chewing surfaces and your tongue. Brushing correctly will reduce bacteria and ultimately prolong both the life of your teeth, and your life itself. We think that’s worth smiling about! Our hygienists, Cindy and Laurie, will be happy to discuss any concerns you have regarding the proper brushing techniques.

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