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football player with mouthguardYou brush and floss at least daily, you come to my office twice a year, but are you really doing all you can to protect your teeth or your children’s teeth? If you or your children are involved in a sport – whether for a school, a recreational team or a pick-up game every now and then – you might not be. A custom made mouth guard offers a superior fit, comfort and protection because they are made from the highest quality material molded from an impression of your individual teeth. A better fit means better protection, and you or your athlete will be more likely to wear the mouth guard.

According to the American Dental Association, numerous surveys of sports-related dental injuries indicate that across age, gender and skill levels, everyone is at risk of sustaining dental injuries. While you might think of only collision and contact sports as being prone to dental injuries, they can also occur in activities such as gymnastics and skating.

A properly fitted mouthguard, with the correct thickness and material, separates the lower jaw from the upper jaw. Therefore, when impact occurs, the shock is absorbed and equally distributed throughout the mouthguard. This reduces the force going to the base of the skull and ultimately to the brain cavity. Children who begin wearing custom-made mouthguards at an early age tend to continue this habit into the future. For the best protection and comfort, a custom mouthguard is better than “off-the-shelf” at reducing the risk of injury including:

  • Concussions or brain damage
  • Jaw dislocation or fracture
  • Fractured or lost teeth
  • Cuts or bruises to the mouth or face
  • Stress to the neck
  • Feels better in the mouth
  • Allows the athlete to breath and speak more easily

We believe in providing a safe and comfortable mouthguard to our patients. We are offering custom-made mouthguards for our patients, as well as new patients. To receive the special offer, you must have current x-rays on file and a current dental exam. Call today and schedule an appointment to create a customized mouthguard.

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