What Are Your Teeth Saying?

occlusal-guardIf your teeth could talk, they might actually tell a story about your overall health and well-being. Your body is constantly throwing out clues that you can decipher. What if your teeth are worn or have flat edges? That’s dental warning sign #1! You are under stress. Whether you’ve considered it or not, clenching or grinding your teeth during sleep (or even during waking hours) is a clear sign of too much tension. Can you feel flattened places on your teeth now? Does your jaw ache from clenching? Consider an occlusal guard (also called a “night guard”) that will prevent your teeth from touching, and protect them. Dr. Petrusha is a firm believer in night guards. He has worn one for the past 10 years along with most of his family members.  These appliances have greatly reduced and eliminated the wear and damage to their teeth and as well as stress-related headaches.  Chronic headaches are common with this condition, because jaw muscles spasm after clenching for long periods of time. You might also feel muscle aches in your neck or upper back. De-stressing will help your body and your mind!

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