Why I Believe in Sealants

sealant-copyIf I told you that a small piece of plastic would improve your life, would you be interested? Or better yet – if you knew you could invest $50 and it would save you thousands…would you do it? That’s’ the premise behind having sealants placed on your child’s molars. Or your own! I’m a huge fan of them because I believe prevention is preferable to the cost and demands of the cure.

Not sure what a sealant is? Easy enough. Sealants are a thick plastic coating that’s applied to the chewing surface of teeth, then cured rock-hard with a special light. Yes, the teeth do have to be extremely dry before sealants can be placed, which can be a challenge for people with a lot of saliva. In our office we’ve perfected a fast, comfortable way to apply the solution and cure it quickly. Sealants usually last about 3 to 4 years – long enough to protect the tooth during the pre-teen and teen years, until strong adult brushing habits are in place.

The real reason I’m a fan is because both my girls (who are now in college) had sealants and *neither of them* has ever had a cavity. I can’t think of any better endorsement. For a small investment anyone in your family can be one step closer to being cavity-free. I call that money well spent! If you’d like to pursue sealants for yourself or your child, give our office a call.

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