What Do I Do if a Tooth Is Knocked Out?

knocked20outActing quickly is important!  First, locate the tooth itself. Pick it up gently and avoid touching the root surface.  If it’s dirty, quickly and gently rinse it in cold water.  Do not use soap or any other cleaning agent, and never brush the tooth. If possible, the tooth should be placed back into its socket.  The less time the tooth is out of the socket,the better chance of saving it. If the tooth will not go back in the socket, put it in milk; you’ll keep the living cells moist and alive for a few more hours.  Another option is to put the tooth back in the patient’s mouth between the gum and cheek.  Do not store it or transport it in water or a dry cloth or paper towel because the root cells will die and reduce the long-term prospect of saving the tooth.
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