Finally, A Reason to Smile!

isDenture Wearers Can Now Have Comfortable, Confident and Pain-Free Smiles!

We are excited to announce that we now offer the Atlas Denture Comfort procedure which gives our patients a reliable and affordable way for wearing lower dentures.  The procedure is without a costly or debilitating surgery. The Atlas® Denture Comfort™ procedure allows our patients who are suffering with the pain, embarrassment, and disabilities that come from dentures that don’t fit properly can receive state-of-the-art Atlas narrow dimension implants at a fraction of the cost for traditional implants, right in our office.

Our office is using the new technology that offers denture wearers secure smiles, enhanced lifestyles and a greater choice of foods. The entire procedure is completed with local anesthesia in one short visit with minimal healing discomfort. When you leave our office you will be able to eat hard-to-chew foods without the fear of your denture becoming dislodged. The Atlas Implants offers a more affordable procedure to a larger variety of patients regardless of their age and medical and dental histories.

If you, your family members, or friends experience discomfort with dentures, call Cheryl or Cindy to schedule an appointment to see these wonderful implants can change your smile for a lifetime.

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Dental Problems

thDid you know that dental problems just don’t go away or get better on their own? If you’ve been in our office (or even another dentist’s office) and were told you have dental work that needs to be done, you need to take action – and soon!  Even if you have small, painless cavities, with time they become larger and more complicated to repair.  Once a cavity becomes big enough, it will reach the nerve in your tooth; leaving you two options: root canal therapy or tooth extraction. Avoid both by being proactive about your small dental needs. Don’t delay your treatment; call our office for a convenient time to get treatment started. Plus, you may still have benefit dollars available to you before the end of 2012. Call today!

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Your Smile – Your Greatest Asset

downloadStudies have shown that your smile is the number one reason people are attracted to or comfortable around you at first meeting. Smiles mean a lot, and the look of yours may impact your social or work life. Since your smile makes the first impression, why not make it beautiful? Of course, we’re experienced in routine dental procedures, but Dr. Petrusha is passionate about cosmetic dentistry and life-changing dental procedures. Making over your smile is literally only two appointments away. If you’ve been laughing with your hand over your mouth or trying to hide an imperfect spot in your smile, we can help you gain the confidence that a flawless smile can bring.  Call to speak to Cheryl or Cindy to schedule your appointment today!

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Utilizing Your Annual Maximum

The CheckbookEvery year, your dental benefit plan re-starts; think of it as a brand-new checking account opened just for you. These benefits are available to you only during the plan year, typically from January through December. Your “checking account” of benefit dollars disappears if you do not use it all. In other words, the benefits will not carry into next year. As we count down to the end of the year, utilizing your remaining benefits becomes a ballet of timing and coordination. You will have lots of holiday plans, and our office become busy as patients try to squeeze out their last remaining benefit options. Please, call Ann or Cindy today if you have a check-up coming due or dental treatment that you need to complete before years’ end. Also, if you have any questions regarding your dental care, please call Dr. Petrusha immediately. Remember you earned these dental benefits, do not leave them lying on the table.

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Use ‘Em or Lose ‘Em….

money-in-trash-can-250x3102017 will be over before we know it, and because most dental insurance plans are based on a calendar year, you will want to use your benefits quickly. On December 31st, the benefits you have already paid for will expire. Understanding your plan is important.  The “yearly maximum” is the most money the plan will pay for your dental work within one full year.  Your “deductible” is the amount of money you must pay to the dentist out of pocket before your insurance company will pay for services. Your deductible starts over when your plan rolls over. You have paid for your benefits, now is the time to use them. By delaying dental treatment, you are risking more extensive and expensive treatment down the road. What may be a simple cavity now could turn into a root canal later. If you have any questions about your available dental plans call Ann or Cindy for help evaluating your dental benefits.

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Are Your Teeth Wearing Down?

Worn-Down-Teeth-620pxThere are certainly great things about aging. Grandchildren, a slower lifestyle – these are things to look forward to! In our office, we see the other side of birthdays; teeth can begin to wear down. If you’ve noticed the edges of your teeth beginning to chip or crack; you may be a clenching or grinding (also known as bruxism) and not know it. Bruxism can cause excessive wear, and mostly happens during sleep. Other common signs and symptoms include frequent headaches in the temple region, popping and clicking of the jaw joint, bite marks on your inner cheeks and tension and soreness within the muscles of the jaw and face.  If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, we have a solution! Dr. Petrusha and his staff are firm believers in wearing bite guards as they do, nightly. Please call today to start protecting your teeth.

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Breast Awareness Month

imageOctober is National Breast Awareness Month.  Most Americans either know someone who has suffered from breast cancer, or are connected to someone who has. This month, we’d like to put the focus not only your oral health, but your general health, as well. You are so important to us and to the ones you love. Taking the time to have regular health screenings is imperative for optimal well-being. Don’t put it off. Take time this month to schedule a check-up with your physician; let us know if you have any changes to your medical records.  Nothing is more important to Dr. Petrusha and staff than our patients; we want to keep you healthy!

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Diabetes and Dental Problems

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you undoubtedly have made lifestyle changes to reduce and maintain your blood sugar. The back story of diabetes is what it can do to your teeth. Did you know that diabetics are more likely to develop gum disease, and are much more likely to lose their natural teeth than non-diabetics?

This is true. Blood sugar issues impact diabetes patients in more ways than just insulin dependency or sugar restriction. Only you can control future dental problems, but the first line of defense is to control your blood glucose level. First up? Take good care of your teeth and gums by daily brushing and flossing. Your mouth naturally contains many types of bacteria. When starches and sugars in food and beverages interact with that same bacteria, a sticky film, or plaque, forms on your teeth. The acids in the plaque attack the hard, outer surface of your teeth which can lead to tooth decay. The higher your blood sugar level; the more likely that sugar acid will degenerate your teeth.

Plaque, which contains bacterial colonies, must be removed with brushing and flossing or it will harden on your gum line. The longer that bacteria remains on your teeth, the more the tissue around each tooth will be irritated. This condition is known as gingivitis. If left untreated, gingivitis becomes a more serious infection called periodontitis. Your soft tissue will become inflamed and eventually the bones that support your teeth pull away from them; causing teeth to loosen and eventually fall out. We have found that people with diabetes are more likely to contract periodontal disease and lose their natural teeth.

Bottom line? Diabetes lowers the ability to resist infection and slows the healing process, especially when it comes to your mouth.

What can you do? Have regular checkups at our office at least every six months. Diabetics have special dental needs and we are equipped to meet them! Please let one of our hygienists or Dr. Petrusha know of any changes in your condition and any medication you might be taking. Above all other things; we care about you and your oral health.

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Keep Your Teeth Preserve Your Memory

Is there a relationship between keeping your teeth and preserving your memory? Experts think so. In a study published in Behavioral and Brain Functions, more than 4,200 Japanese seniors (aged 65 or older) underwent both a thorough dental examination and a psychological evaluation. The investigators found that those with fewer of their own teeth were at increased risk of memory loss or early-stage Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers at the University of South California also found that missing teeth and chronic inflammation of the mouth in youth and young adulthood quadruples the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

In our office, we have paid particular attention to these studies, since our patients’ lifelong health is a concern. If you think oral bacteria and its link to dementia are a stretch, consider this: oral health impacts the ability to eat, which is essential to overall health. If dementia exists or progresses, oral health conditions become more complex. One common complaint is that dementia patients can be less cooperative; often experiencing difficulties with chewing and swallowing as their dementia progresses. Malnutrition is a major concern for dementia sufferers.

We understand the importance of gentle treatment; recognizing that patients with dementia with have a deep need for extra care, kindness and respect.  We also know that twice-yearly checkups are a must for this patient group. If you believe a healthy smile dramatically affects a person’s sense of dignity, and you have a family member or friend with dementia symptoms, please call us to customize a special experience in our office for your loved one.


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The Benefits Of Green Tea

We all know that drinking green tea has health benefits, but you can add healthy gums and teeth to the list of benefits.

Preventive Medicine recently published that drinking at least one cup of green tea a day increases the odds of keeping your teeth as you get older. The power in green tea comes from anti-microbial molecules called catechins which serve to protect teeth and gums by killing bacteria that promotes decay. Although in lesser amounts, the molecules can also be found in oolong tea. For those of you who add sweeteners, researchers found it may lessen the powerful benefit of green tea.

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy body. That is why it is so important to find simple ways to boost oral health – such as regularly drinking green tea.

Of course, seeing a dentist regularly is also important. When was your last visit?

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