Can Stress Affect Your Dental Health?

Yes! When a person is stressed, they are likely to grind their teeth at night (this is called bruxism) which can wear down your teeth and cause problems. How do you know if you are doing this when you sleep? When you wake up in the morning or from a nap, do you have a headache, or does your jaw... read more »

A New Year Is Here!

We have started a brand new year, and that means setting goals for 2020 - how about making sure your child's dental care is a priority this year. How important are "baby" teeth? A lot more important than you might realize, actually. Primary teeth do more for your child than allow them to eat hard or chewy foods. They also... read more »

Did You Make New Year’s Resolutions for 2020? 

If so, we hope that you are among the few that have kept them so far! If not, you can allow yourself to get back on track since the year is still early. If living a healthier lifestyle is among your resolutions, your teeth and gums will benefit, too! Healthier foods are better for your teeth than "junk" foods, and... read more »

Start the New Year off Right!

Happy New Year to our patients and their families! With the start of a new year, many of you have dental benefits that have now renewed. Many health plans provide two professional cleanings, annual X-rays, and examinations. If you have not scheduled your first appointment for 2020, please contact our office. We love to help our patients with their dental... read more »

Make Your 2020 Appointment

With the New Year soon to be here, now is a great time to schedule your first appointment of 2020.  Regular dental care is an important step in leading a healthy lifestyle, and is a wonderful resolution for the New Year.  You may have benefits with a dental plan provider that will cover most or all of the services available... read more »

Caring for You Through the Holidays!

No one wants to think about a dental emergency during this festive season, but we want you to be prepared if an emergency should arise. If a tooth is knocked out: first, locate the tooth. Hold it by the crown (not by the roots) and rinse it if it's dirty. Do not scrub it. Place it in a glass of... read more »

Fear the Dentist?

We love our clients; from our youngest to our oldest, each one is special to us, and we hope that you enjoy being a part of our family of patients. We understand that feeling anxious about a routine check-up or a visit for a procedure is common and we hope to help you manage and overcome your fear. A good... read more »

Do Not Let the End of the Year Sneak up on You!

If your holidays are typical, then you will be busy in these next few months! The sooner you contact us for your appointment, the more we can do for you to help you take advantage of your dental benefits plan. When you utilize your plan, you can be confident that you are taking excellent care of your teeth and helping... read more »

The Best for You!

Our office believes in the best oral health care and products. We use titanium dental implants which are the newest and most effective way to replace teeth or support your bridge, partial or complete denture. An implant, or mini dental implant, is placed in the jaw and allowed to heal. Your healthy-looking smile is then restored in the manner that... read more »

What Are the Potential Risks and Complications With a Dental Implant?

There are always risks and potential complications associated with any oral surgery. Rest assured that Dr. Petrusha will check not only your oral health in preparation for the procedure, but your medical health as well. He wants to be sure you are healthy enough for the surgery and that you will heal properly as well. The success rate for dental... read more »

Are Dental Implants Right for You?

Dental implants not only look great in your smile but there are many other benefits to having them as well. Dental implants are designed to be permanent, which means they have the potential to last for your entire lifetime! You will not have to worry about having to replace or redo the dental implants again and again. Best of all,... read more »

Single Tooth Dental Implants

If you are missing a single tooth, or if you have a removable partial, you could be a great candidate for a dental implant. A dental implant has many advantages including a natural-looking and functioning tooth while, not risking the health of the surrounding teeth. Your bone will be better preserved since dental implants are integrated with your jawbone, which... read more »

Planning for Halloween

As you plan for Halloween, we suggest looking for a treat to give the children such as a small and inexpensive goody like pencils or novelty erasers instead of candy. The toy items can be just as fun as candy and are not harmful to teeth. However, if your children will receive a lot of candy, we recommend limiting the... read more »

Use Your Dental Benefits!

Some of the plans offered to employees by their employers vary in both covered services and frequency of care. Most basic dental plans provide regular check-ups which include a general exam by your dentist, x-rays on an annual basis, and a thorough cleaning every six months to remove tartar build-up. Other services that may be offered include fluoride treatments, tooth... read more »

What Is a Sealant?

Your child’s daily routine involves brushing and flossing, hopefully twice a day; but if the word cavity continues to be a part of your dental office visit, then dental sealants might be a great option for your child. Even when brushing and flossing regularly, complete removal of plaque from the deep grooves of back teeth, molars and bicuspids is extremely... read more »

Healthy Beautiful Smiles!

We love our patients and enjoy helping them achieve their healthiest and most beautiful smiles. We also love to help our patients get the most from their dental plans. Especially with a family, we know that dental costs can add up, which is why our patients trust us to help them utilize the services their dental plan provides. Have you... read more »

Maintain Your Healthy Smile!

Routine exams are an important part of maintaining a healthy smile. During a regular checkup, a thorough and professional cleaning is given to the patient and may include fluoride treatment and X-rays. This is important because these procedures can prevent or identify problems early, which are future costs that can be avoided. If your employer offers a dental plan, it... read more »

You and Your Dental Benefits

Dental benefits are offered by many companies to their employees and their families either as part of a compensation package or available through payroll deduction. Typical dental benefit plans cover services received within a calendar year and are outlined the benefits for patients to be treated within a specified time period. For example, plans provide for a professional dental cleaning... read more »

Youth Sport Safety!

Is your young athlete ready for the fall sports season to begin? Along with the proper sporting equipment, make sure their teeth are protected, too, especially if your child has braces. Mouthguards can be custom-fitted in our office, or you can buy one at a sporting goods store. Wearing a mouthguard significantly reduces the risk of chipping, breaking or knocking... read more »

Are You Purchasing School Supplies?

When you are purchasing the new pens and pencils, let your child pick out a new toothbrush. You and your child should be changing toothbrushes every 3 months; now’s a great time to make the switch. Frayed bristles are inefficient in cleaning teeth and gums. When your child has the flu or a cold, change the toothbrush to be sure... read more »