A Healthy Smile and Body!

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You know what you eat and drink has an effect on your teeth, but so do your lifestyle habits. If you use tobacco, in any form, let us know and we will offer suggestions on quitting. Prolonged use of tobacco can stain your teeth and your tongue, as well as give you bad breath. The chemicals in tobacco can cause problems with taste and smell. Are you using chewing tobacco? Having a small “pinch” next to your gums causes a constant irritation which can cause permanent damage to your gums and the surrounding bone. If bone surrounding the tooth erodes too much it can even result in permanent tooth loss. Chewing tobacco contains over 27-cancer causing agents which leave gums, cheeks, lips and the throat in constant exposure to unhealthy substances. Additionally, tobacco use is also associated with precancerous lesions of the soft tissue in the mouth which appear like a white patch or plaque that cannot be scraped off.

We want your smile to be healthy and your body, too!