A New Year Is Here!

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We have started a brand new year, and that means setting goals for 2020 – how about making sure your child’s dental care is a priority this year. How important are “baby” teeth? A lot more important than you might realize, actually. Primary teeth do more for your child than allow them to eat hard or chewy foods. They also act as placeholders for adult teeth and are essential for learning to talk – and mastering more difficult words. If you have been hesitant to care for your child’s baby teeth because they “will just fall out,” please reconsider. Flossing and brushing baby teeth teach a child essential habits for a lifetime of good health. If your child is fussy or hard to manage, they might be experiencing tooth pain and not know how to tell you.

Keep your baby smiling in 2020. If you need help with caring for your child’s teeth or would like additional ideas, call us today!