Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

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Many common dental problems in children can be avoided with daily flossing and brushing, along with regular trips to the dentist. However, one of the most common dental troubles begins before the teeth emerge. “Baby Bottle Tooth Decay” typically occurs when a baby or toddler has gone to bed for the night, or for a nap, with a bottle filled with formula or juice. It has also been found that even nursing babies can suffer from “Baby Bottle Tooth Decay” if they tend to fall asleep while nursing. The risks of “Baby Bottle Tooth Decay” are lowered when the baby’s gums are wiped with gauze or a soft cloth following a feeding, or prior to going to sleep. Yes, baby teeth do eventually fall out, but those teeth are important in the oral development of a child. The baby teeth serve as a guide for the permanent teeth to come into the gums. Baby teeth are also necessary for correct speech development. If you suspect your baby may have tooth decay, please do not hesitate to make an appointment for us to provide a comprehensive exam. We are here to help our young patients and welcome the opportunity to assist our parents in teaching good oral health habits to their children.