Children and Oral Care

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You can help your child to take good care of his teeth by providing fun toothbrushes, allowing him to select the toothpaste and floss to use daily. If children are engaged in the process, the more excited they will be to take care of their own teeth. Encourage your child to take time to brush each individual tooth. We suggest humming a song while they brush, or purchasing a fun timer to ensure they have spent enough time brushing. Now, there are even fun apps for your smartphone which your child can set to tell how much time has elapsed. Purchase flossing picks if it is too tedious to use actual floss, and encourage your child to use them regularly. Flossing picks come in fun colors, too! After they have brushed their teeth, follow up with your own brushing to make sure they have done an effective job.

We support our parents in their efforts to help their child to have healthy teeth for a lifetime. In fact, we have our “No Cavities Club” to celebrate their healthy smiles and to reward them for taking care of their teeth.