Do Not Let the End of the Year Sneak up on You!

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If your holidays are typical, then you will be busy in these next few months! The sooner you contact us for your appointment, the more we can do for you to help you take advantage of your dental benefits plan. When you utilize your plan, you can be confident that you are taking excellent care of your teeth and helping prevent problems that may cause trouble down the road.

Why do many employers consider a dental plan an important benefit offered to their employees? Businesses know that good dental health benefits the company and its employees! Employees that maximize the dental benefits available to them take a proactive role in their dental health. This contributes to less employee absenteeism due to sickness.

If your employer offers a dental plan, contact our office to schedule your appointment. For our patients without benefits, we offer flexible payment plans. Since most dental plans expire at the end of the calendar year, we encourage you to make your appointment today.

Call or email us today to make your next appointment. We are happy to answer any questions about your care.