Oral Cancer Screening

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Today’s dental warning sign might just save your life if you pay attention to it. Sore spots in your mouth that won’t go away are more than just an inconvenience – they just might be the indicators of oral cancer. Sure, it’s common for people to bite their inner cheek due to stress or habit – or even while they are sleeping. But any sore in your mouth that hasn’t gotten drastically better within two weeks is suspect. Spots in your mouth that are white or red should be evaluated by Dr. Petrusha or Dr. Selasky to rule out oral cancer. When you come to our office for your oral exam and cleaning our hygienists, Laurie, Cheryl and Cindy, will do an oral cancer screening as well as Dr. Petrusha or Dr. Selasky. Since the disease has a 35% survival rate (mostly due to being caught at late stages), taking quick action is the best way to take good care of yourself. Don’t discount the severity of these conditions; Babe Ruth, Humphrey Bogart, Aaron Spelling and Bruce Paltrow all died of the disease, and Michael Douglas and Rod Stewart are survivors.