Is Your Child Scheduled for Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

We have found wisdom teeth extraction is often the first time a person has ever has surgery, and young patients can be frightened by what is ahead for them. We encourage open conversation with our young patients and our dental team of professionals so we can ease any fears, and answer any questions about the procedure and healing afterward. Please... read more »

April Is Oral Cancer Awareness Month!

Oral Cancer occurs most commonly on the “floor” of the mouth (under the tongue), along the inside of the cheeks or lips, along the gum line, or the palate or “roof” of the mouth. Though oral cancer is not as common as other forms of cancer, approximately 40,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer every year. Since oral cancer can... read more »

Early Detection Is Key With Oral Cancer

Early detection is extremely important with any cancer diagnosis, and this is true for oral cancer. Oral cancer certainly can be life-threatening, but the earlier it is diagnosed, the chances for a patient’s survival increases. Currently, only around 60% of oral cancer patients will survive past the first five years after diagnosis, but 80-90% of oral cancer patients who are diagnosed... read more »