Inflammation body–mouth connection

Exploring possible links of a healthy mouth and healthy body researchers suspect that bacteria and inflammation due to periodontal disease may play a role in some systemic diseases or conditions.  Periodontal disease is a chronic infection caused by bacteria which is present in plaque.  The bacteria produce toxins and enzymes which irritate the gums and cause inflammation if not removed.... read more »

Tooth Decay Is Preventable

Did you know tooth decay is the single most common chronic childhood disease—five times more common than asthma and seven times more common than hay fever?  The good news is that tooth decay is preventable! The cause of tooth decay is bacteria in the mouth. Bacteria use the sugars found in liquids and foods to produce acids that attack the... read more »

Sugar and You

Everyone loves Valentine’s Day candy, cookies, cakes and pie. As a nation, we’re hooked on sweet stuff in general. In fact, the average person consumes 156 pounds of sugar per year -- and only a fraction of it comes out of the sugar bowl. The first association between sugar and tooth decay was during the reign of Elizabeth the First... read more »

Cavities in Preschoolers on the Rise

I love having children as patients. They come into our office and bring such fun and energy. But, I am starting to see an increase in cavities among the smallest of my patients. However, with the right care, the costly and often painful dental problems are very preventable. I suggest you start brushing even before your little one has any... read more »

What About Gingivitis?

Gingivitis is a common dental concern that can lead to periodontal disease if not treated early. If you have noticed bleeding when you floss or brush your teeth, or if your gums seem red, swollen, sensitive or painful, this may be a sign of gingivitis. The gums are a very important part of the structure of the mouth as they... read more »

What Can I Do To Prevent Periodontal Disease?

The American Dental Association, ADA, found that bacteria in the mouth can start causing gum disease in only 24 hours; so regular, thorough cleaning is imperative. The first, and most important, step is to take excellent care of your teeth– brush twice a day, floss daily, and see us at the interval determined by your dentist and hygienist for professional... read more »

Ideas for a Healthy Mouth

Sugary foods, candy and carbonated soda can wreak havoc on teeth. The bacteria found in plaque mixes with the sugary substances resulting in acid attacking the teeth. What are some good things you can eat to deter the bacteria’s growth? Healthy foods such as raw vegetables and fiber-rich grains are not only good for the body, they are beneficial to... read more »

Tooth Problems?

Have you ever wondered why tooth decay and erosion occur? Plaque, a sticky substance that covers teeth, begins to build up when we eat or drink. Plaque contains bacteria that eat away at the enamel of the teeth. Saliva helps in the battle against tooth decay by diluting the acid and the bacteria as well as keeping your mouth moist.... read more »

We Want Your Smile to Shine!

Proper tooth brushing is one of the best habits you can do for your overall health. The average person only brushes their teeth for only 60 to 90 seconds. To brush your teeth correctly, set aside a full two minutes. That's right! During that time, angle your toothbrush toward the gums and gently brush in a circular motion. Be sure... read more »