Sensitive Teeth?

Does the thought of ice cream or a cold beverage make you cringe? You may be suffering from sensitive teeth. This problem literally means the roots of your teeth are more prone to sensitivity. Drinking hot or cold beverages can cause painful or uncomfortable sensations in a patient’s teeth. This is a common concern among adults and can be managed... read more »

Do You Have Sensitive Teeth?

Wintertime is the best time to enjoy hot foods and beverages, but this can be difficult if you have sensitive teeth. If you experience sharp or throbbing pain with hot or cold beverages, consider changing toothpastes to one specifically formulated to treat sensitive teeth. These toothpastes may soothe your pain, and with use over time can decrease your teeth’s sensitivity.... read more »

Dental Terminology Can Be Confusing!

We understand some of the words and terms we use in our office might be confusing to you and your family. This month we are focusing on a few of those terms and definitions so you will have a better understanding of dental terminology. Sensitive teeth Sensitive teeth literally means your teeth are sensitive to temperature changes in your mouth. ... read more »