Your Health Is Our Concern

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When you visit our office for a regular check-up, your medical conditions are of great importance to us. When we are aware of your physical health concerns, we can be more vigilant in identifying potential dental concerns.  Some medical conditions affect dental health, especially if they are related to hormonal changes.  Puberty, pregnancy, and menopause are all risk factors for periodontal disease.  Conditions that increase a person’s risk for periodontal disease which are not hormone-related include heart disease, diabetes, stress, osteoporosis, and genetics.  Likewise, healthy gums and teeth can have positive effects on our physical health.  There is a strong link between heart health and oral health.  Do not despair if any of these conditions describe you, this just means that extra care needs to be taken to ensure your healthy smile.  Our team is experienced and trained in helping patients with medical conditions that manifest problems in the mouth.