Diabetes and Your Oral Health

This month we are discussing diabetes and oral health care. One of the effects of diabetes on the mouth is a slower healing process for mouth sores. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you may already be aware of how the condition affects your mouth and gums. To increase the healing process of mouth sores, keep your mouth clean... read more »

National Diabetes Awareness Month

We care about the overall health of our patients! November is National Diabetes Awareness month; therefore, our blog is going to focus on raising awareness of diabetes and the connection to oral health. Our team is committed to excellence in dental care, and for our patients that do have diabetes, we have the experience and education in taking the extra... read more »

Is Your Child Scheduled for Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

We have found wisdom teeth extraction is often the first time a person has ever has surgery, and young patients can be frightened by what is ahead for them. We encourage open conversation with our young patients and our dental team of professionals so we can ease any fears, and answer any questions about the procedure and healing afterward. Please... read more »