Oral Cancer Screening

Today’s dental warning sign might just save your life if you pay attention to it. Sore spots in your mouth that won’t go away are more than just an inconvenience – they just might be the indicators of oral cancer. Sure, it’s common for people to bite their inner cheek due to stress or habit – or even while they... read more »

The Visible Cancer

Oral cancer is not hidden within the body in some hard to find location requiring an invasive examination, the majority of the time it is literally in plain view, right under your nose, and can be seen with the naked eye or felt with the fingers. In most cases, early, highly survivable stages are easily detected in a 3 to... read more »

Early Detection Is Key With Oral Cancer

Early detection is extremely important with any cancer diagnosis, and this is true for oral cancer. Oral cancer certainly can be life-threatening, but the earlier it is diagnosed, the chances for a patient’s survival increases. Currently, only around 60% of oral cancer patients will survive past the first five years after diagnosis, but 80-90% of oral cancer patients who are diagnosed... read more »

Oral Cancer Awareness

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, and our team is participating in spreading the word about the importance of regular dental check-ups, as they often serve as early screenings for oral cancer. During your regular check-up and cleaning, our trained and experienced team will look for areas that may be in the early signs of oral cancer.  Though oral cancer... read more »